Overview Features

    I'm thinking this is a pretty unique one of a kind trailer with the triple 10,000 lb. axles, it was built by Marathon before they turned their car trailer manufacturing over to a Trailer manufacturer, there's a winch to pull the car in, there's another winch to raise and lower the rear door, the same winch will also raise and lower the spare tire (with a flick of a switch) that's under the trailer, it tows like a dream even with my pickup truck and it comes with a complete set of equalizer bars and hitch head and Aluminum wheels. As you can see from the pictures I can load my Denali with out the 12' ramps but if you have a lower vehicle you'll probably need to use the ramps. even with the Denali loaded you still have 6' in front of the car! I haven't priced it simply because I don't think anybody will pay what I think it's worth but I thought I'd find out before I had it wrapped!