OK here’s a list of the updates I’ve had made to the site so far, I believe they’re improvements and I hope you’ll like them.

1. the whole picture now shows up on all of the Coaches.

2. the Coach picture no longer darkens when you’re scrolling through them.

3. some pictures will enlarge when clicked upon, I believe it depends on the resolution they were taken in

4. the site has been updated, it is now MOBILE PHONE FRIENDLY, try it

5. when you click on “Contact Phil” or fill out the “inquiry form” at the bottom of the Coach page, I’ll actually get the message now, that’s been a problem in the past.

6. the “SLIDE SHOW” is back, just click on the very first picture to activate it or if you would rather you can still scroll through the pictures one by one.

7. coming soon we’re going to test out an APP for “” and we’ll see how well that works out?



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