New/Old site is up and running!

If you’re reading this then you know we have the New/Old site up and running and Hopefully you’ll like it, we changed sites because over the last 10 months Tom and I have heard from a lot of Customers that preferred the simplicity of the old site so we’ve pretty much had it duplicated with a few improvements that we asked for. One improvement is the rotating of five “Featured Coaches” instead of the fixed pictures at the top of the Home Page, the second improvement is when you click on the Coach and it takes you to that Coach’s page all that you have to do is move your cursor over the thumbnail picture and it will enlarge in the box to the right, if you want it larger then click on the thumbnail, some of the pictures will even enlarge a second time. We also brought back the much asked for “Slideshow” feature which can be stopped on any frame you wish, hopefully you’ll enjoy the site!


If you have any feedback on the new site let us know?

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